Organic is close

to our Hearts.


You simply have to like organic. Because organic is an essential part of the whole system.
Therefor we are delighted about the development in the younger generations and the awareness of a diet with organic products.

We also welcome the action plan of Baden Württemberg to increase the proportion of organically farmed land to over 30% by 2030. Together with our network, we want to contribute to this!

Because nature is a matter of the heart.


Gemüsering has been certified organic for almost 20 years. We market organic products from our own production facilities or from our long-standing co-operations with selected partner producers. As close as possible is our motto! As long as the climatic conditions allow, we enjoy being able to market products in accordance with Demeter, Naturland, Bioland and EU organic guidelines from our regional organic growers.

We supplement our range with organic fruit and vegetables from Spain, Italy and Chile to ensure we have a year-round supply of organic produce. We have growers there who have been dedicated to organic farming for a long time and can provide us with the best supplies when we need them.



In the overview we present some of our organic growers, their product range and their certifications.


Buchenhof Bio-Gemüse, Köngen

The Schumacher family from Köngen markets various organic salads, organic cabbage and organic courgettes from almost 15 hectares of farmland under the name Buchenhof Biogemüse. At Buchenhof, farming is based on the Naturland cultivation guidelines, whereby organic vegetable production generally also involves an important contribution to active environmental protection for the farm. As a result, flower borders and fallow areas with intercrops to maintain healthy soil can be found in many fields.

Paul Clauss, Esslingen

The family business in Esslingen-Ostfildern evolved from its parent conventional vegetable farm a few years ago. The Clauss family farms about 40 hectares according to Bioland guidelines. Paul Clauss also values environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Its core products are various organic cresses, organic chard and organic turnips.

Lindenhof, Altlußheim

In the peaceful Rhine valley, in Altlußheim, lies Lindenhof, an organic vegetable farm. As well as the core product organic carrots, the family farm also grows and harvests organic courgettes, organic onions and organic potatoes across around 240 hectares of land. The climate in the Rhine Valley makes for a particularly early start to the harvest in the season. Vegetables of excellent organic quality and ecological management are very much aligned with the philosophy of farm manager Tanita Gunzelmann. She comments, "Producing the highest quality in harmony with nature and the environment is a challenge we are happy to take on."

Merz-Biogemüse, Neulußheim

Merz Biogemüse GmbH & Co. KG is a modern processing and packaging company for organic carrots and organic vegetables. The packing and processing company has its origins in Hubert Merz's organic farm, which was established in 1991. Merz Biogemüse sells organic carrots from neighbouring Lindenhof's regional production, as well as from national and international suppliers and growers. As well as organic carrots, fresh organic soup vegetables and other organic vegetables including parsnips, parsley, beetroot and courgettes are delivered to our customers throughout Germany. Hubert Merz maintains regular personal contact with organic farmers in order to guarantee consistent quality and freshness.

Actiture Organic Vegetable, North Spain

The core products of the Spanish organic producer are broccoli and cauliflower. Established in 2000 and specialising in organic production since 2005, the company provides organic and conventional production according to European standards over approximately 1,000 hectares in the mild climate of Navarre and Aragon (northern Spain). The produce is freshly harvested and immediately processed in our own packing and cold storage facilities. The strategically advantageous location means that products reach our customers with significantly shorter delivery and ordering times.


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